Louvre Museum Parking Info

Driving a car to the museum is one of the best ways to reach the Louvre

This way, you spend less on fuel expenses than hailing a taxi.

If a lack of suitable parking options stops you from driving to the Louvre, we have your back in this aspect.

Parking at the Louvre

The Louvre has its own underground car parking facility at 1 Avenue du Général Lemonnier.

The Louvre museum parking lot is close to the Carrousel du Louvre entrance, so you can easily access the Louvre.

The times of the car park are from 7 am to 11 pm.

Parking durationFares
1 hour€5
3 hours€15
24 hours€50
These prices approximate the actual prices, which can be found at the parking entrance.

Note: These prices are an approximation of the actual prices at the parking entrance.

Parking near the Louvre

There are also some parking options near the Louvre within a few minutes of walking distance.

The parking fares are almost the same as those when parking at the Louvre.

Here’s a list of nearby parking lots where you can park at affordable fares:

Parking lotWalking distance from the LouvreFare for 1 hourFare for 3 hoursFare for 24 hours
Parking Indigo Paris Louvre Samaritaine2 minutes (150 meters)€4.80€14.40€43.20
Parking Indigo Paris Croix Des Petits Champs5 minutes (400 meters)€4.80€14.40€43.20
Parking Indigo Paris Vendôme13 minutes (1 kilometer)€5.20€15.60€42.80
Parking Indigo Paris Marché Saint-Honoré10 minutes (750 meters)€4.80€14.40€43.20
All of these parking lots are close to the subway as well as one of the Louvre entrances.

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