The Louvre Museum

The Louvre museum or the Musée du Louvre is where an art-lover’s dreams come true.

Its vast collection includes antiques, sculptures, decorative arts like crown jewels and paintings.

The gorgeous architecture adds a charm to its beauty.

The Louvre museum is the world’s most visited and largest for a reason, with almost 10 million visitors each year!

Explore what artists like da Vinci and Michelangelo expressed through their work at the Louvre museum.


Are you planning to visit the Louvre museum but don’t know which ticket suits you the best?

Choose from our list of Louvre tickets for some of the most economical and appealing online offers.

A basic entry ticket is a great option if you prefer to self-explore the museum.

This Louvre museum entry ticket offers skip-the-line advantages, so you’ll be inside the museum within 30 minutes.

But, if you want to add more knowledge and value to your visit, we recommend a guided tour with an expert guide by your side.

The ticket gives you the choice of the group size, language, and time for the tour and is a great option for students.

However, the group size is either 10 or 20 people, which may be too large for your liking.

Alternatively, you can opt for the small group guided tour ticket to the Louvre museum with only six people in each group.

Visitors also opt for the limited guided tour that offers skip the line tickets for the Louvre and the top ten must-sees tour. 

This is an excellent choice if you don’t want a guide for all the artworks but only the most popular ones.

The next ticket option is for art lovers who are fans of the Mona Lisa. 

If she is the first artwork you wish to see at the museum, the Louvre skip-the line tickets with guidance to the Mona Lisa are perfect for you.

The Louvre Museum is an amazing place, the building and architecture alone are stunning. The contents are fascinating and the audio guide was a great addition and help. The Mona Lisa was the star of the show as expected but also great seeing all of Da Vinci’s pieces in the museum. Give yourself a few hours here, it’s a big place!

Mark W , Trip Advisor

With this special guide, you get fast-track access through long entrance lines. 

The guide will drop you right in front of the Mona Lisa, from where you can explore on your own.

Combination tickets with a Seine River cruise are another useful ticket option for Louvre visitors.

You can go for a Louvre museum + Seine River cruise ticket which has the option of audio guides for both attractions.

Alternatively, you can choose the Louvre museum reserved access + Seine river cruise ticket, with fast-track entry to the Louvre Museum. 

However, the audio guide is missing in the above ticket combination.

Last but not least, you can choose between the Paris Pass and the Paris City Card.

The Paris City Card gives you access to a few of the best Paris attractions: The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and a Seine river cruise with fast-track access to all these sites.

On the other hand, the Paris Pass gives you skip the line Louvre tickets to 80+ attractions all over Paris, including museums, historical buildings, and other popular landmarks.

Why buy Louvre tickets online in advance?

Buying Louvre tickets at the museum is neither economical nor convenient.

Moreover, the Louvre has a lot of eager tourists and locals waiting to get past security.

Crowds are unavoidable. But you can skip them by booking your Louvre tickets online.

Plus you get to book your tickets from the comfort of your screen and get amazing offers and discounts.

You can also choose the ticket that works best for you; one with a guided tour in a small group or a combination of a Louvre with a river cruise ticket.

The Louvre museum ticket price varies depending on your selected ticket option.

Ticket discounts

The Louvre museum ticket price varies depending on your selected service.

Despite any active offers, you will get age-based discounts on certain Louvre museum tickets.

Youth, children and infants can avail of discounts on some tickets.

Most tickets are either free for infants or categorize infants as children.

The Paris Pass offers a massive discount on children’s passes.

For kids, it is available at one-third of the adult ticket cost.

The Paris City Card is available for adults at $75, for youth at $52, and for children at $51.

When you book the Paris City Card, you will receive a discount code in your email.

Use this discount coupon to save 10% on your next booking!

The Louvre museum entry ticket has a fixed cost of $20 and is free for individuals less than 17 years.

The small group guided tour is available for adults at $77 and $49 for children and infants, respectively.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit
Image: Kelian Pfleger / Pexels (Canva)

When visiting one of the finest museums in the world, why not make the trip awesome by knowing the best time to visit?

But first things first. When does the Louvre open?

The Louvre remains open from 9 am to 6 pm every day, except on Tuesdays.

On Fridays, the Louvre is open from 9 am to 9.45 pm.

It makes the best opportunity to view paintings and sculptures to immerse yourself among the greatest artists till late. 

You should also learn about the Louvre’s opening hours for a fun and convenient visit.

The best time to go to Louvre is around 8.30 am to 9 am.

This is when the museum just opens and is less crowded.

You can avoid the local crowd by visiting the Louvre Museum on weekdays. 

Mondays and Wednesdays are usually extremely busy, so we recommend visiting on Thursdays for peaceful exploration.

The busiest months at the Louvre are from June to September, and the best months to visit are January and April.

We also suggest visiting during the evenings, which creates a great ambiance with the least crowds and perfect lighting.

During evenings, the Pyramid lights up majestically, and you can spend time gazing at the view.

Now that you know when you can have the best experience, get your Louvre Tickets!

You can also avail of the Guided Tour to enhance your visit with in-depth knowledge of all Louvre artworks.

How long does it take

How long does it take

Some visitors believe it takes three hours to see the Louvre Museum thoroughly. 

On the other hand, others, thoroughly invested in artworks may find even three days’ time too little.

So, how long does the Louvre take to see completely? 

If you love finding hidden truths in paintings and sculptures, you could spend endless days in just a single section of the Louvre.

However, if you’re simply strolling around for the love of art, you are free to choose how much time you want to spend at the Louvre.

This means that your itinerary decides how long it takes to see everything at the Louvre.

Nevertheless, you need to get tickets to access the Louvre Museums

Most visitors spend at least two to three hours at the museum.

Waiting time

Waiting time

The shortest waiting time in a line at the Louvre is 30 to 40 minutes. 

However, this can even go upto two hours.

So, the best way to avoid these tiresome lines is to book Louvre Museum skip the line tickets in advance.

Book your tickets online to skip ticket lines that delay your visit and reduce your time at the Louvre.

With these online tickets, you also get ahold of these limited tickets and avoid last-minute disappointment.

Tickets FAQs

Louvre FAQ

How much is the Louvre museum ticket?

The cost of your Louvre tickets completely depends on your choice of experience.

Your ticket can cost as low as $20 (Simple entry ticket) or as high as $125 (Paris Pass).

The higher you pay, the better facilities you opt for.

But you can also buy moderately priced tickets.

These include the Entry ticket with guidance to the Mona Lisa (from $48), the Guided tour (from $64) and the Small group guided tour (from $77).

On what day is the Louvre free?

The Louvre museum is free for everyone on 14 July (Bastille day). 

Even then you must register before entering the museum. 

Be warned though, on the 14th, the museum’s more crowded than ever. 

Alternatively, the Louvre is free to enter on the first Saturday of each month from 6 pm to 9.45 pm.

Do you need tickets for the Louvre?

Yes, you can only visit Louvre if you have a ticket.

You can buy tickets at the counter, but buying them is challenging.

You have to wait for hours in long lines. 

An excellent alternative for you is getting your online Louvre tickets

Online tickets can let you in on great offers and discounts you wouldn’t find otherwise.

Are Guided Tours worth it at the Louvre?

Guided tours provide skip-the-line access to the Louvre Museum.

An expert guide will lead you through a planned route designed to save time and let viewers see the best of the Louvre.  

With this tour, you’ll get to see the Crown Jewels of the erstwhile French monarchy and the famed Mona Lisa.

You’ll also see Eugène Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People and the Raft of the Medusa by Thèodore Gericault.

And if you want more art and sculpture, then a collection of ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman art will make your tour worth it.

Does Paris Museum Pass include the Louvre?

Yes, the Paris Pass includes access to the Louvre Museum. 

It also includes other museums like the Mussée d’ Orsay, the Versailles Palace, the Musée de l’Armée, etc. 

A single Paris Pass will save you time and money.

At a sum of €81, You’ll visit all these museums without paying individually for their entrance tickets!

Some top ticket selections we have for you are:

Entry ticket: Simplest and the cheapest!
Guided tour: An absolute necessity for an art lover with a thirst for knowledge
Small group guided tour: A guided tour in an intimate group of six
Skip the line and top ten must-sees: A limited tour of only the best of the Louvre
Entry ticket with guidance to the Mona Lisa: Go straight to the Mona Lisa and explore it endlessly
Louvre Museum + Seine River cruise ticket or Louvre museum reserved access + Seine river cruise ticket: Enjoy the Louvre and the Seine river with a single ticket
Paris Pass: Access 80+ attractions with just one pass
Paris City Card: Celebrate the beauty of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Seine river

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