Louvre’s Department of Decorative Arts

The Louvre’s Department of Decorative Arts displays a wide range of items, including French crown jewels and furniture, from the Middle Ages to the early 19th century.

Located in the Louvre’s Richelieu wing, Paris, France, it offers a unique chance to explore the history of decorative arts in France.

Navigating the vast array of items on display can be daunting.

This article aims to simplify your visit to the Department of Decorative Arts at the Louvre by providing essential information.

Where exactly is it located?

The Department of Decorative Arts is located in the North and North-West wings of the Cour Carrée and on the second floor of the Louvre Museum’s Richelieu Wing.

Getting to the Department of Decorative Arts

After entering the Louvre through the Pyramid, follow the signs to the Richelieu Wing. 

You can reach the second floor of the Richelieu Wing by elevator or escalator.

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What to expect at the Department of Decorative Arts

Department of Decorative Arts
Image: Louvre.fr

The Department of Decorative Arts, located on the second floor of the Richelieu wing and part of the Sully wing, is organized into seven sections, each highlighting a specific era in French history.

These include the July Monarchy, the Restoration, the Napoleon III Apartments, the 19th century, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 17th century, Louis XIV and the Regency, and the Neoclassical period.

Among its many significant pieces, a few stand out:

The Equestrian Statuette of Charlemagne, a 10-inch bronze statue, presents Charlemagne in a regal pose, reminiscent of Roman equestrian statues.

The Apostles from a Feuillantine Convent, a collection of stained glass plates by Léonard Limousin, features Saint Paul and St. Thomas.

Louis XV’s crown, crafted by jeweler Claude Rondé for the king’s coronation, is another highlight.

The Napoleon III apartments provide an authentic glimpse into Second Empire style.

Additionally, various measuring instruments and mechanical objects showcase the ingenuity of French artisans through the ages.

Exploring the Department of Decorative Arts is an opportunity to delve into historical craftsmanship and marvel at the creativity of French artisans.

Tickets for the Department of Decorative Arts

Department of Decorative Arts Tickets
Image: Getyourguide.com

To visit the Department of Decorative Arts, you need a general entry ticket to the Louvre

There are no special tickets for this section. Buying tickets online is recommended to avoid any last-minute problems.

Adults over 18 pay €25 for a skip-the-line ticket, but entry is free for those under 18.

Entry Ticket Prices

Visitor’s ageTicket Price
Adult ticket (18+ years)€25
Child ticket (upto 18 years)Not Allowed

What are its opening hours?

The Department of Decorative Arts at the Louvre has the same hours as the museum: open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, with longer hours until 9.45 pm on Fridays.

Closed on Tuesdays, January 1, May 1, and December 25. It closes 30 minutes before the museum does, and last entry is one hour before closing.

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