Tips While Visiting Louvre Museum

When visiting the most famous museum in the world, don’t leave any stone unturned.

Here are a few tips and tricks for visiting the Louvre that will come in handy.

  1. Lists, lists, lists!:

    Make elaborate lists of what you want to see at the Louvre and read about the exhibits beforehand. 

    This will help create a personalized itinerary and make your visit more fun.

Don’t have time to learn about the Louvre before visiting? That won’t be a problem!

Book the guided tour so that at the end of the trip, there isn’t a single painting or sculpture you don’t know about.

You can also book the Skip The Line + Top Ten Must-sees tour in English to get guidance to the best of the Louvre.

  1. Know your entrances:

    The entrance you take to enter the Louvre is very important. 

    First, decide what you want to visit and pick the nearest entrance to save time. 

    The ticket you have also decided which entrance you should take.

  2. Book tickets in advance:

    One of the best Louvre tips you will get is to book your tickets in advance. 

    Booking your tickets online gives you amazing offers to make your trip easier on the pocket.

    You also save yourself from last-minute disappointment since some tickets are limited.

Did you know that waiting times in lines at the Louvre entrances can go up to two hours?

Save time by booking any of these skip-the-line tickets:
Entrance ticket
Guided Tour
Entry ticket with guidance to Mona Lisa
Skip The Line + Top Ten Must-sees in English
Small Group English Guided Tour
Paris Pass

What type of Louvre ticket do you want?

  1. Visit at night:

    The Louvre at night is an experience superior to what the daytime might offer. 

    Lesser crowds and a gorgeous view of the Pyramid is what you will sign up for. 

    The atmosphere will be magical to gaze at the art.

  2. What to wear to the Louvre museum?:

    There is no specific dress code to visit the Louvre. 

    However, we suggest wearing something airy for the summer. 

    Comfortable shoes are a must! 

    Avoid large bags since they are not allowed at the Louvre. 

    However, you can book a locker to store bulky clothing or luggage.

Featured Image: Louvre.fr

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