10 Essential Tips for Visiting The Louvre Museum in Paris

The Louvre Museum in Paris is one of the most famous and largest museums in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year.

In 2022 alone, it attracted 7.8 million visitors, which means almost 20,000 visitors daily.

However, with over 35,000 works of art spanning 9,000 years of history, it can be difficult to know where to begin exploring this iconic museum.

Questions about when to go, what to see, and how to bypass long lines are common concerns for visitors.

The following 10 tips will help you get the most out of your next visit and will answer all the above questions.

1. Buy Louvre Tickets Ahead of Time

The Louvre, the world’s most visited museum, attracts almost 20,000 people every hour.

To save time waiting in lines at the iconic Pyramid entrance, which can sometimes take 3+ hours, purchase your tickets online in advance.

By securing your Louvre ticket ahead of time, you can bypass the lines and head straight to your preferred wing upon arrival, expediting the start of your visit.

Louvre Museum e-tickets specify a designated date and time slot, ensuring guaranteed entry within a half-hour window.

Priority queues at both the Pyramid entrance and the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall entrance are reserved for e-ticket holders.

Additionally, access via the Passage Richelieu entrance off Rue de Rivoli is available exclusively to those with pre-purchased tickets.

Due to the Louvre’s immense popularity and the need to manage visitor numbers, timed-entry slots have become standard practice.

The museum has implemented daily visitor caps of 30,000 people, making it essential to plan ahead and secure tickets in advance.

While long lines have always been a hallmark of the Louvre experience, nowadays, waiting it out does not guarantee entry.

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2. Know Where to Avoid Queues

To bypass the often lengthy queues at the main Pyramid entrance, opt for the entrance via the Carrousel du Louvre shopping center.

This alternative entrance ensures a smoother passage into the museum, allowing you to start your visit with minimal delay.

The Carrousel du Louvre is easily accessible underground, either from metro line 1 at the Palais Royale Musée du Louvre stop or via the steps flanking the Arc du Triomphe du Carrousel.

Additionally, visiting in the evening can significantly reduce crowds, providing a quieter and more immersive experience.

Take advantage of the late-night opening on Fridays, which extends until 9.45 p.m., for a unique opportunity to see the museum’s iconic artworks, such as the Venus of Milo, with fewer people.

By strategically choosing your entrance and timing, you can optimize your Louvre experience and make the most of your visit.

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3. Go Late at Night 

Visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris late at night offers a distinct and memorable experience.

On Fridays, the museum stays open until 9.45 pm, providing an opportunity to explore without the daytime crowds.

Ideal for couples, the lit-up pyramid and illuminated statues create a romantic atmosphere.

Visits during the night also provide unique viewpoints on the architecture and special occasions, such as concerts.

Wednesday nights are a great time to plan your visit because they are usually less crowded.

Overall, visiting the Louvre after dark makes for a more private and laid-back look at its artifacts.

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4. Plan Your Visit and Use Available Resources

Before heading to the Louvre, planning your visit is essential for a better experience. 

Firstly, aim to visit during weekdays to avoid crowds; however, if evening visits suit you better, Fridays offer extended hours until nearly 9.45 pm.

Make use of the official Louvre app, which is a useful resource for quickly and easily navigating the confusing galleries.

Before digging into the collections, look for any temporary exhibitions that catch your attention.

If you want to go deeper into your favorite collections, consider adding a guided tour of the Louvre to your experience. It only costs €79 for adults above 18.

When you get to the museum, ask for help at the information desks or grab an audio guide to experience the artwork fully.

Take advantage of cloakrooms to store bulky items, refuel at cafes and restaurants, and stay connected with free Wi-Fi.

Do not forget to browse the gift shops for souvenirs to remember your visit to the Louvre.

Planning ahead of time and using available resources ensures that your visit to this iconic museum is enjoyable and successful.

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5. Avoid Bringing Items that are Not Needed

When visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris, it is important to pack light and avoid bringing unnecessary items.

Leave big bags, food, sharp objects, tripods, aerosols, and large umbrellas behind to make things easier for yourself.

It is also best to store expensive jewelry and equipment for professional photography at your hotel to avoid any inconvenience.

Remember to bring nothing offensive or disruptive, including pets.

You can opt for a smaller bag and dine at one of the museum’s cafes to reduce the need for outside food.

Additionally, avoid using tripods or selfie sticks when taking pictures to ensure smooth movement through the museum.

By following these rules, you can have a seamless and enjoyable Louvre experience while exploring its iconic masterpieces.

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6. Put on comfortable clothes

While there’s no official dress code for the Louvre, dressing comfortably and respectfully is always advisable.

Opt for shoes with good support to handle all the walking, and consider dressing in layers since the temperature inside can fluctuate.

Choose clothing that facilitates easy movement, such as skirts or pants paired with a sweater or blouse, and remember to pack a lightweight jacket or cardigan in case of emergencies.

Keep your outfits simple and unobtrusive; avoid loud prints, high heels, and short skirts.

Ultimately, prioritize comfort and confidence in your attire to fully enjoy the art and ambiance of the museum.

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7. Take advantage of the free services

During your visit to the Louvre Museum in Paris, you can take advantage of several free services.

Visitors under 18 and EU residents aged 18 to 25 enjoy free admission, with everyone granted free access on the first Friday evening of each month.

Numerous free tours are offered at the Louvre in several languages and are a great way to learn more about its history and collection.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the museum, and you can download the free app on your smartphone to access comprehensive information, audio guides, maps, and virtual tours.

Other than this, keep an eye out for free exhibitions hosted regularly.

Although the Louvre provides additional paid services such as guided tours and audio guides, the complimentary offerings ensure that everyone can fully experience the museum.

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8. Take a break during your visit

Given the vastness of the Louvre and the time needed to explore it fully, taking a break is essential.

Relax and stroll through the Tuileries Garden next door, admiring the sculptures and greenery.

Alternatively, have some lighthearted fun at the historic carousel at the garden’s end.

For refreshments, Café Richelieu offers delightful French fare with courtyard views, or try the upscale Napoléon Café inside the Louvre.

For a change of pace, explore the centuries-old French design in the Decorative Arts collection at the Pavillon de Marsan.

Finally, if fatigue sets in, recharge with a movie screening or lecture at the Louvre Auditorium.

These options let you rejuvenate and maximize your Louvre experience.

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9. Visit the Musée Eugène Delacroix

Heading to Paris and looking for some culture? Why not hit up the Louvre and then stroll over to the Musée Eugène Delacroix?

It’s just a 20-minute walk or a quick bus or metro ride away.

This place gives you a sneak peek into the life and work of the famous Delacroix. 

You’ll get to see up close some of his iconic prints, drawings, and paintings—yes, including big hits like “The Death of Sardanapalus” and “Liberty Leading the People.”

Don’t miss out on the garden either. It’s not just any garden, but the one that sparked a bunch of Delacroix’s masterpieces.

To make the most of your time, grab a Paris Museum Pass or a combined ticket for both museums.

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10. Do not attempt to see it all

Trying to tackle the entire Louvre in one go? Let’s be real; that’s a recipe for feeling swamped and worn out.

Think about it: over 35,000 pieces of art calling different corners of this giant space home, spread out through 8 departments. It’s smarter to play it cool and have a plan.

Consider a Louvre-guided tour for your first time. It’s like having a map that talks back, giving you the lowdown and steering you clear of getting lost in art land.

Remember, the Louvre’s open for eight hours daily, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to camp out from open to close.

A sweet spot? Aim for two to three hours. That’s enough to soak in some key sights without hitting the wall.

And don’t fall into the trap of trying to nibble at everything. Zero in on what grabs you—Egyptian treasures, the Renaissance scene, or those Impressionist vibes.

Focusing on a theme or period you’re into makes the visit way more manageable and a lot more fun.

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