Louvre at Night

Imagine visiting the Louvre to see the greatest of all art, but all you see are endless crowds.

This is why you should visit the Louvre at night, but the reason isn’t just fewer crowds than daytime.

We have given you some insightful information on what makes Louvre a must-visit attraction for nighttime.

An uncompromised experience

Unlike many attractions, the experience of seeing the Louvre museum at night is equally amazing as the daytime experience.

A simple Louvre entry ticket gets you into the museum at your time of preference.

The galleries remain well-lit, thus, maintaining the quality of exploration.

Contrary to popular belief, the Louvre does not use natural lighting. 

The museum’s artificial lighting helps keep the experience intact, unaffected by the time of your visit.

The majestic Louvre Pyramid

The Louvre Pyramid lit up at night, is a sight you must see!

If you visit during the winter, you will be able to catch this sight a little earlier too.

After your tour, sit and enjoy the Pyramid view with the backdrop of a starry night.

Relaxed time to explore

Do you want to see the Louvre Museum during the day? 

You may be unable to appreciate its beautiful displays to their full capacity. 

The reason is you’ll have to rush through its artworks and won’t have enough time to appreciate them at your own pace. 

On the flip side, during Louvre night tours, there are fewer crowds, so you can explore better in a calmer atmosphere.

This means dedicating the same time period at night becomes more fruitful.
Nonetheless, you can explore Louvre during the day as well.

Best time to visit the Louvre is at night

Louvre Museum at night
Image: Louvre.fr

The Louvre remains open from 9 am to 6 pm every day and remains closed on Tuesdays.

However, on Fridays, the museum stays open till 9.45 pm.

This means on Fridays, you get extra time to explore the Louvre at night.

Which tickets to book?

There are no special tickets to visit the Louvre at night.

If your ticket doesn’t specify the time of your visit, feel free to schedule your trip anytime.

A simple entry ticket will only specify the date and not the time of your visit.

You can also book the Paris Pass or the Paris City Card, which includes multiple attractions, giving you the freedom to choose any attraction, including the best time to visit Louvre.

Featured Images: Louvre.fr

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