Louvre Museum Department of Decorative Arts

The Museum of Decorative Arts at the Louvre is a collection of exhibits— ornaments, furniture, tapestries, and more.

You can find it on the Richelieu wing and a portion of the Sully wing.

The department is divided into seven sections depicting the periods of French history.

These periods of history include the reigns of Louis XIV and the Regency, the July Monarchy, the Restoration, Napoleon III Apartments, and the 19th century.

Some other popular periods are the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the 17th century, and the neoclassical period.

The Louvre Decorative Arts have Greek, Etruscan, Islamic, Egyptian, Near Eastern, and Roman antiques.

One of the most beautiful exhibits in this department is the stained glass plates from the time of the Revolution, which depict Saint Paul and Saint Thomas. 

You must check out this exhibit at the Department of Decorative Arts.

Another iconic exhibit you must see is the 10-inch-high bronze statuette of Charlemagne (Charles the Great) mounted on his horse.

Not to miss Louis XV’s crown, which Claude Rondé designed.

Featured Images: Louvre.fr

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