Louvre 2024: Must-See Exhibits You Won’t Want to Miss!

Imagine stepping into a place where art and history are perfectly mixed, taking you on a ride through time and creativity.

The Louvre, right in the heart of Paris, is that place. It’s like a huge treasure chest packed with art pieces from around the globe.

Now, the thought of tackling the biggest art museum in the world might seem like a giant task.

With so many exhibitions, collections, and historical pieces, figuring out where to start can feel like a puzzle.

Thanks to working hand in hand with 75 countries, the Louvre Museum doesn’t just stick to the classics.

It keeps things fresh, with new exhibits popping up all the time.

This year, everyone’s buzzing about “The Met AU Louvre,” just one of the many shows you won’t want to miss.

This guide will tell you everything in detail about the current, upcoming and past exhibitions at the Louvre in Paris.

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How many exhibits are there at the Louvre Museum?

How many exhibits are there at the Louvre Museum
Image: News.artnet.com

The Louvre Museum contains approximately 500,000 objects and displays 35,000 works of art in eight departments.

It hosts a significant number of temporary exhibitions each year. In 2024, for instance, the museum is set to feature two major temporary exhibitions. 

“Near Eastern Antiquities in Dialogue: The Met at the Louvre” will be displayed in the Richelieu and Sully Wings from February 29, 2024, to September 28, 2025.

The other exhibition, “A New Look on Van Eyck: Madonna of Chancellor Rolin,” will run from March 20 to June 17, 2024, in the Sully Wing, Level 1, salle de la Chapelle.

Current Exhibitions at the Louvre Museum

Current Exhibitions at the Louvre Museum
Image: Dailysabah.com

The MET At The Louvre

Near Eastern Antiquities in Dialogue

(From 29 February, 2024 to 28 September, 2025)

The Louvre’s Near Eastern Antiquities Department showcases ten artworks from New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Met’s Ancient Near Eastern Art Department is closed for renovation, so they’ve lent the Louvre these amazing pieces.

Dating from the 4th millennium BC to the 5th century AD, they’re now part of its permanent galleries.

It’s a cool collaboration between the Louvre and the Met. Some artworks are being reunited for the first time, and others just complement each other well.

These pieces come from places like Central Asia, Syria, Iran, and Mesopotamia, offering visitors fresh insights into these ancient treasures and their stories.

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Upcoming Exhibitions at the Louvre Museum

Madonna of Chancellor Rolin

A New Look on Van Eyck
(From 20 March to 17 June 2024)

The Louvre showcases Jan van Eyck’s masterpiece, the Madonna of Chancellor Rolin, in its first exhibition at the Salle de la Chapelle since 2014.

This exhibit celebrates the painting’s extensive restoration, a first of its kind since it arrived at the museum in 1800.

Conservators meticulously removed darkened varnish layers, restoring the artwork’s original brilliance.

The exhibition seeks to engage viewers by posing questions about the painting’s enigmatic elements and its connections to the 15th-century art scene.

Placing Van Eyck’s work alongside that of his contemporaries offers fresh insights into his unique contributions and the artistic dynamics of his time.

Olympism: Modern Invention

Olympism Modern Invention
Image: Presse.louvre.fr

Ancient Legacy
(From 24 April to 16 September, 2024)

As part of the lead-up to the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics, the Louvre is hosting an exhibition that delves into the origins of the modern Olympic Games and the political climate surrounding their inception.

This show aims to uncover the lesser-known individuals who played crucial roles, including academics and artists like Emile Gilliéron père.

Gilliéron’s artistic contributions, such as designing the first Olympic Cup for the 1896 Athens Games, illustrate how diverse disciplines like philology, history, art history, and archaeology converged to shape the world’s most prominent sporting event.

This exhibition demonstrates the fascinating interplay between sports and these fields, giving visitors a unique perspective.

Figures of the Fool exhibition

Figures of the Fool exhibition
Image: Presse.louvre.fr

(16 October 2024 to 3 February 2025)

The “Figures of the Fool” exhibition at the Louvre Museum will showcase 300 medieval artworks of fools, including sculptures and paintings, curated by Elisabeth Antoine-König and Pierre-Yves Le Pogam.

Highlights include Watteau’s famous painting “Pierrot,” also known as “Gilles,” from the Louvre’s collection.

The exhibition will delve into how fools are represented in religion and literature, often as jesters with humorous hats and bells.

This will offer visitors a chance to understand the role and importance of the fool in art and culture.

A New Look on Watteau Pierrot, Known as Gilles

A New Look on Watteau Pierrot, Known as Gilles
Image: Wikipedia.org

(16 October 2024 to 3 February 2025)

Jean-Antoine Watteau’s painting, “A New Look on Watteau Pierrot, Known as Gilles,” created between 1718 and 1719, shows commedia dell’arte characters, especially Pierrot, in almost life-size figures.

Measuring 184.5 by 149.5 cm, this work is unique in Watteau’s collection, possibly hinting at its use in theater.

Originally belonging to Dominique Vivant, Baron Denon, Louis La Caze, a doctor from Paris, later owned it and gifted it to the Louvre in 1869.

This painting is distinctive for its detailed storytelling, differing from Watteau’s typical style, and its link to the Théâtre des Italiens underlines its importance in commedia dell’arte.

“A New Look on Watteau Pierrot, Known as Gilles” will be displayed at the Louvre Museum in an upcoming exhibition from 16 October 2024.

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Treasury of Notre-dame Cathedral

Resurrecting Relics
(18th October 2023 to 29th January 2024)

The “Treasury of Notre Dame Cathedral: From Its Origins to Viollet-le-Duc” exhibition was held at the Musée du Louvre in Paris from October 18, 2023, to January 29, 2024.

Organized by the Louvre’s Department of Decorative Arts, the exhibition displayed over 120 pieces, giving a brief history of the cathedral’s treasures.

These items included sacred objects, clothing, relics, reliquaries, manuscript books, and other priceless artifacts, showcasing the historical craftsmanship and dedication.

The exhibition traced the treasury’s journey from the Middle Ages, its revival in the 19th century, to its flourishing under Viollet-le-Duc during the Second Empire.

Naples in Paris

From Vesuvius to the Seine
(7 June 2023 to 8 January 2024)

The Musée du Louvre and the Museo di Capodimonte came together to present “Naples in Paris,” an exhibition from June 7, 2023, to January 8, 2024.

This showcase featured about 60 Capodimonte masterpieces, highlighting Italian paintings from the 15th to 17th centuries.

It included thirty-three Capodimonte paintings by famous artists like Titian, Caravaggio, Annibale Carracci, and Guido Reni, enhancing the Louvre’s collection. 

The event focused on Italian art, particularly the Neapolitan school, known for its intense and expressive style.

The exhibition was spread across three Louvre spaces: Salon Carré, Grande Galerie, and Salle Rosa on Level 1 of the Denon wing.

Salle de la Chapelle displayed the Capodimonte collection’s diversity, while Salle de l’Horloge featured four notable cartoons from the Farnese collection, with pieces by Michelangelo and Raphael.

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